Warner Brothers Interactive’s Batman: Arkham Knight has been an incredibly successful game from the past year. It met with good reviews ever since its initial release but the subsequent DLC has not been very impressive.  There has not been much news surrounding the game in recent months and while many of you might have forgotten about the game, the developers are still working on additional support.

According to recent reports, a new update just went live for Batman: Arkham Knight on Sony Corp.’s (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation 4. The accompanying patch notes do not mention any details of what exactly has been added/changed with the new update, stating only “Miscellaneous gameplay fixes and improvements”. However, it is worth noting that the patch size comes in pretty big at 6.571 GB. Hence, it can be safely said that this is not a minor update and there must be hidden changes. Since there has not been any official announcement or clarification; it remains up to the players to find out what exactly has changed.

Batman: Arkham Knight was released on June 23, 2015. The game has had a run of free and paid DLCs over the course of its season pass with both cosmetic and story based DLCs being made available. The game’s Windows port was absurdly broken to the point of uselessness. A re-release happened later and brought better performance, but the port still had numerous other problems and issues.