Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) recently announced the coming of Windows 10 universal applications to the Xbox One. The tech giant’s CEO, Satya Nadella, made the announcement in a recent developers’ conference and this move is part of the company’s larger goal of making all of its flagship devices and consoles a part of a single, Windows 10 ecosystem. But, as you would expect, there were not many details revealed about which apps are going to make it to the Xbox One or their release timeline. But, many of you must have had a sort of wish list of apps that are available on Windows 10 that you would want to use on the Xbox One. We have made our top 3 picks as well. Let us have a look.

Facebook/Twitter and Other Social Media Applications

We live in a time where every device is interconnected to one another. In fact, half of our lives rely on the internet on a daily business and the social media accounts for a major part of our lives as well. Given the important role of social media in the world of today, it is very surprising that neither Sony Corp.’s (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation 4 nor the Xbox One features full support for Facebook. While there is some sort of support where we can upload achievements, screenshots and other experiences from the Xbox One on Facebook, a complete Facebook application that allows browsing and posting on Facebook similar to its website would be a wonderful addition to the huge library of applications already available on the Xbox One.

Microsoft Office

Office could also be a wonderful addition to Xbox One as well. The productivity suite from Microsoft that is vastly popular could be very useful on the Xbox One since it has a vast variety of products from making presentations to simple text writing. Considering the usage and the many different uses that are provided by Microsoft Office, it could be a very good addition to the Xbox One’s library of applications. Of course, their usage is going to be very limited when it comes to using them with the Xbox One but then we have the recent announcement of keyboard and mouse support coming to the Xbox One and once that happens, it looks like the problem is solved.

VLC Media Player

The Xbox One already has media capabilities with its USB support and blu-ray drive and whatnot. But, let us be honest here, the media player is not nearly capable of playing all of the vast variety of formats out there along with the different formats of video discs available. And, we all know that VLC Media Player is one of the, if not the best, media player out there that can play basically anything you throw at it. And, to think the incredibly versatile player being available on the Xbox One is like a dream come true and it could be a very worthy addition and a must have to play all of your discs and files on the Xbox One, like a boss!

As we said earlier, Windows 10 applications on the Xbox One, if pulled off correctly, are going to open a new world of possibilities and features on the Xbox One. The applications we mentioned are among are must haves for the first batch. What are your favorite Windows 10 apps that you would like to see on the Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.