In some not so surprising news, you’ll be pleased to know that more Xbox One exclusives are headed to PC. By this time, you should assume that nearly all first-party exclusives will arrive on Microsoft’s latest operating system, as there is little to no argument left on their possibility.

The latest roundup of rumor indicates that the upcoming third-person fantasy role-playing game, Scalebound, is coming to Windows 10. The evidence to this claim is backed by an XML file found in the PC version of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. The list was spotted and posted by a user on Reddit. The list contains many familiar names that have already been announced for the platform, as well as those that are yet to be. Scalebound is currently an Xbox One exclusive that was previously slated for a 2016 release, but the studio announced a delay to 2017, earlier this year.

Another title on that list which has caught the attention of gamers is the next installment in the Forza Horizon series. Yes – you heard it right. The “Horizon” series that serves as a spin-off of the Forza Motorsport series, which has become one of the best racing games of all times, is finally going to debut on Windows 10. It should come as no surprise, however, that Forza Motorsport is no longer an Xbox exclusive. Forza Motorsport 6 Apex is scheduled to arrive exclusively for Windows 10 in April. It is a Windows Store exclusive and completely free.

Additionally, the studio behind the racing franchise has confirmed that all future installments in the series will be developed concurrently on Xbox One and PC. This leaves no room for interpretation; the Forza franchise is now a Microsoft exclusive and not just an Xbox exclusive.

Microsoft’s big push to make Windows 10 the best operating-system for gaming is clear to everyone. Expect an announcement about the two games somewhere down the road.