Facebook Inc.-owned (NASDAQ:FB) WhatsApp Messenger has received its latest update for iOS, in which it has addressed the less-than-pleasing storage space bug. An error in the iOS version of WhatsApp caused the app to hog all available free space on iOS devices.

Some of the changes mentioned in the changelog for the new Whatsapp for iOS update include latest designs for photo and video browsing through the app, support for sharing .PDF files, as well as the ability to zoom in on videos. The majority of the features included in the latest update have already rolled out on Android last week.

The WhatsApp storage space bug was particularly infuriating and frustrating for users with 8GB and 16GB storage variants. It becomes difficult for people to keep a healthy amount of space vacant with HD photos, videos, and the space which the operating system hogs for smooth operation.

After this update, users also have the option to choose one new color as chat background to spice up conversations. They can also share PDF files as well as photos and videos with their contacts and groups on WhatsApp, whether they are stored on the device, or from any of the popular cloud storage services like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

WhatsApp Messenger is arguably the most popular messaging app currently, and it boasts more than a billion monthly active users. Constant improvements to the solid foundation that the company laid down initially, and infusing that foundation regularly with added functionality has been a major reason for the app’s influence on a major portion of the market, especially the younger generation. To put it in the terms of a genius – who himself is responsible for massive contribution to the Internet and technology of today – WhatsApp is an app that has put a dent in the universe.

WhatsApp’s iOS users have already started receiving the latest updates, but if your app has not received the updates so far, you can head over to the App Store on your device and update your app manually.