When the Surface Book was released last year, a lot of users complained about pen support. Even though Windows has been supporting styluses for a very long time, it has not done enough to make it more effective or productive. However, Microsoft has taken its users feedback into account, which is why, with its Anniversary Edition, it will release Windows Ink.

Windows Ink is going to serve as pen support on Windows 10, and it has a lot to offer. Additionally, it even takes developers into account, and gives them the ability to integrate it into their own apps with relative ease.

There is no denying the fact that Windows Ink will enhance apps that will be released in the future, but it can be used with Microsoft’s very own workspace for Windows 10.

Based on the test versions available for Windows Ink, the workspace includes features like screen sketch, sticky notes and a sketchpad as well. Although these features are not something new and are basic, it does assure users that Microsoft is working extensively on making sure its pen-enabled devices exceed expectations.

On the other hand, Microsoft is also going to change how styluses will work in Windows 10, as now all pen controls are available in settings rather than having to access a separate app for it.

That being said, as long as Microsoft maintains its stance and focuses on enhancing the overall experience for those who own its Surface tablets, there is no reason why users will not flock towards its products. But then again, this mostly depends on how far the company is willing to go to effectively combine software and hardware in a way that is unlike anything that has been seen before.