The post-launch reception of Activision Blizzard, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: ATVI) Destiny, in a way, cautioned Ubisoft in regards to content delivery for The Division. The developer has so far promised to make sure that players never run out of activities in the post-apocalyptic New York City. However, a growing conceis whether the Dark Zone will live up to its promise and if Ubisoft is competent enough to not just offer new activities for the sake of it; instead, making sure that the additional content is compelling enough for an un-forgetful experience.

This week, the Division received a major update that introduced changes to the Dark Zone, as well as new features, tweaks, and more. Ubisoft has followed that up by teasing even more end-game activities and updates that are to arrive for the game soon.

In its latest State of the Game report, Ubisoft reminded its commitment to make sure there are no idle players in the game. It assured that this week’s major update is not the only one for the Division. The next “big update” is “coming soon” and details of which are going to be revealed in the next few days. The developer was probably referring to the content update for April, which is expected to bring “Incursions,” a new end-game activity for players that carries high difficulty levels and relies on squad play for success. The rewards are great and players, for once, have to start thinking about team-synergy in order to overcome challenges. The update should also be accompanied by other new end-game activities, missions, quests, balancing and tweaks and bug fixes as well.

According to the Twitch channel of The Division, a “Special Report” broadcast is scheduled for Tuesday, March 29. This is probably when Ubisoft is going to be talking about the next update, giving away gameplay footage and additional teasers.

Released on March 8, The Division raked in over $330 million in profits in just the first five days. Based on these figures, Ubisoft was right in its prediction of the game, eclipsing the milestones of Destiny. Bungie’s game earned much lesser in the same period; even though they were still impressive sales numbers.