In a sad turn of events, Evolution Studios has been put out of commission. The closure of the studio was confirmed by Sony Corp. (NYSE:SNE) in a statement provided to Games Industry.

Sony has revealed that after extensive reviewing and assessment of their current resources and how best they can allocate them to continue producing quality products; they reached the tough choice of pulling the plug from Evolution Studios, a studio that has been part of Sony for 10 years.

The studio is notably known for games such as Motorstorm and Driveclub. Their last project on PlayStation 4 was met with much negative press after the game failed to deliver a stable launch, experiencing a ton of network related issues that kept users from fully experiencing the game. Since the game relied highly on socially connected experience, it launched as an awful mess. Because of such issues, almost all reviewing authorities published harsh verdicts and concluded the game to be a good racing experience but broken. Adding to the injury, Sony initially promised a free version of Driveclub to PlayStation Plus members, which never made its way on time.

The studio has since then been busy in fixing those issues and delivering post-launch content that has been incredible. It is unfortunate that the studio had to meet such a fate, considering they have made some enjoyable games throughout their career. But it seems that Sony felt they were better off not investing resources in other commercially weak title.

Sony has confirmed that the staff of Evolution Studios will be reallocated to other projects, and if such a situation cannot be created, they will help them in finding new jobs in other companies. We wish the employees of Evolution Studios all the luck and we hope they are able to land new jobs soon.