Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) has essentially given the go-ahead to its plans of widespread testing of 5G network capabilities during 2016, in line with a promise it made to do so last year.

It must be pointed out that the move comes at the same time as AT&T made a rather public push for 5G service testing while indirectly casting shade at Verizon’s own commitments, citing “overpromising and under-delivering” as an industry standard. It must also be pointed out that while 5G might exist as a technology for consumers, it is nowhere close to being a complete standard, let alone something that could be rolled out in 2016 with its frequency and standard of transmission yet to be assigned to allow it to be used commercially or otherwise. According to Verizon’s SVP, Ed Chan, that might change soon even as the company has already determined that it is able to commercialize the underlying tech as well as tested it to a certain degree after emulating real world scenarios.

The perks of 5G include gigabit mobile internet, something that many would contend is essentially an overkill factor for users of mobile devices. However, the fact that it is supposedly promising “single digit” latency over a long range wireless network essentially means that it could replace modern cable and infrastructure as they know it. This has resulted in companies like AT&T and Verizon touting it as essentially a replacement for fiber infrastructure in general, as opposed to just the next generation of wireless internet as a service.

Verizon plans to commercially deploy 5G in select regions by 2017, something that is essentially being critically examined by both industry giants, as well as critics, as a far-fetched claim. Whether it can deliver along its claims within the timeline that it promises remains to be seen, but Verizon is effectively in the limelight once again over its current commitments.