Those who previously expressed disinterest in purchasing a collector’s edition of Homefront: The Revolution may suddenly want to start weighing their options. Today, publisher Deep Silver has announced the Goliath Collector’s Edition, a massive premium package that comes bundled with an excellent replica of the “Goliath” done from the game.

Where most collectors’ editions include figurines or something to place on a mantle, the up-to-scale vehicle is fully radio-controlled and will move about – with working lights – wherever the owner pleases. In addition to the Goliath, the game itself will come packaged in an exclusive collector’s Steelbook case, alongside a 32-page artbook that features illustrations never seen before and concept work from the developer’s artists.

We also have The Revolutionary Spirit pack which will give owners instant access to multiple weapons and cosmetic options. These include the Marksman Rifle, a Sniper Scope, and Remote Explosives for Resistance Mode. Additionally, you also get your pistol painted in Gold, and a Red Skull monogram plastered on your motorbike.

Note that The Revolutionary Spirit Pack is a pre-order incentive for interested players. Those not wanting to spend on a Collector’s Edition can still attain the Spirit Pack by simply purchasing an early copy of the game.

Lastly, the Collector’s Edition is going to feature game’s Season Pass, dubbed Expansion Pass. Detailed information on its content is unavailable at this point but we know that it will be granting owners access to all future single-player expansion packs at a discounted cost.

A price point for both the Goliath Edition and Expansion Pass has not been revealed.

Deep Silver reminded that Homefront: The Revolution will commit to its previous promise of overwhelming amount of single-player content. The Expansion Pass is not going to be your only source of content. There is also DLC planned for the game’s Resistance Mode, which will introduce not only new missions, but also challenges, weapons, armors, items and more. Do not expect this to be a one-time update. Developer Dambuster Studios has promised to keep pumping content for the Resistance mode until May 2017.

Homefront: The Revolution is going to release on May 17 in North America and three days later in Europe, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The campaign mode is confirmed to have players clock in at least 30 hours minimum.