Groupon Inc. (GRPN) joins McDonald, Apple, The Beatle, Elvis, Uber and other brands in billion-sold milestone

By Allan Biggs at February 27, 2016 11:37 am EST

The billionth groupon sold was an $11 for $20 promotion coupon of Pirrone’s Pizzeria located at St. Louis area. Pirrone’s Pizzeria owner, Jay Jaworski praised Groupon Inc. and pronounced that the company is doing a remarkable job; providing small companies a chance promote their business to local communities and develop a following of loyal customers.

Rich Williams, CEO Groupon Inc. affirms that the company is galvanized to join the billion-sold club. Williams dedicated the company’s achievement to the support of merchants who entrusted them with business promotion and also to their valuable customers who trust Groupon for hunting the best business in town.

To celebrate selling 1 billion groupons, Groupon Inc. announced an upto 80% off sale on approximately 50,000 deals from February 26, till March 01, which includes restaurants, spas, electronic, travel, activities and many other things. Groupon Inc. sold their first Groupon in October 2008, for $13 for $24 worth pizza at Motel Bar in Chicago.

Groupon Inc. have also provided the list of products which have made groupon one billion sale a success story. Few of the products which contributed to the success of Groupon Inc. are 223miles of burgers stacked, $4 billion hair removals, 502 years of yoga poses, $134 million bowling balls thrown, approximately $20 million in saving to consumers, and more than $7 billion pumped into local businesses.

Groupon Inc. has announced prize of $10,000 to Pirrone’s Pizzeria for their contribution to their billion-sold mark. While, Kat Rowe of St. Louis, the costumer who bought the one billionth Groupon will receive a year free of local Groupons.

Out of 21 analysts only two analyst have rated Underperform, 15 analysts recommend a Hold, three recommend a Buy and only one affirms a Strong Buy.