Capcom has announced the release date for upcoming new content on its AAA fighting game, Street Fighter V.  SFV will get a sizeable update that aims to fix a wide range of bugs being experienced by users as well as add a new game mode, allowing you to hone your advanced fighting techniques more efficiently.

Officially, the update 1.02 will be released today on March 28. After being touted by Capcom earlier this month, fans will finally be able to get their hands on the content update that aims to polish game play while introducing all new content.

The major inclusion in this update is of a brand new game mode that allows players to fight using their deadliest techniques, chaining combos to deal insane damage. The new game mode, dubbed Challenge Mode, will enable players to test out each and every high-damage combination of techniques for all 16 players, allowing you to get comfortable with what feels best for you.

In addition to this, the Online game mode also sees the introduction of a feature that some will find very entertaining, revenge fights. Players who loose in an online battle with other players will have the option to ask another player to seek revenge on their behalf. The fight takes place when both parties agree to take up the challenge.

With a host of other changes making their way to SFV, there remains no doubt about Capcom’s dedication. Getting behind a fighting game style franchise is no easy task, as story mode is relatively shorter and the central idea revolves around one mechanic. With updates like these though, Capcom is managing to get every last hour of mileage from SFV and we’re loving it!