Ubisoft Entertainment SA’s (OTCMKTS:UBSFY) The Division has broken many launch records to become the publisher’s most successful game so far. The game has been widely popular and praised as both an MMO and third-person shooter. Recently, the game’s servers were taken offline for what Ubisoft mentioned as a mandatory maintenance. This was the first time after release that the game’s servers were taken offline and Ubisoft has revealed that they had incorporated the game’s first patch rather silently when the servers were back online.

The new patch apparently includes a number of fixes and tweaks for some of the problems and glitches reported since the game’s release. The biggest fix is to the problem related to body collision. This issue has been encountered by many players, especially in the start of the game where you have to activate your agent via interaction with a laptop. In light of the high population, the collision bug prevented the action from completing and players were left retrying until the interaction was actually registered. This bug was reported on the day the game was launched and Ubisoft had acknowledged the problem, promising a quick fix. Now, the interaction has been replaced with an area where the player has to step into and the activation automatically happens. This issue was not only present at the activation stage but rather at every interaction point where more than two players were trying to do the same interaction. A workaround for this method was to keep running in the direction for around 3 seconds after which the character model is going to pass through the physical obstruction that has been created by another player.

Well there you have it, the annoying bug has been squashed and now you can continue your adventure into the dark zone without any problems. Surprisingly, the overall quality of The Division has been very good and there are very few minor bugs that have been reported by players.