Mizuho Securities recently talked about how Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) on their current position and the fact that the company has been losing out to the bigger players in the market.

The firm’s analyst, Neil Doshi said that the company’s strategic plan has been disappointing and that the plan is going to take “at least two years to pan out.” He added that even after the plan has been carried out, it is not going to be enough to fix the problems that persist within Yahoo, especially if you consider the fact that the company’s core business is falling in value and is going to decrease in value by the next year. He added that the company is going to be “more vulnerable” next year and is going to start bleeding users and ad revenue to other giants like Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) and other emerging names such as Snapchat and Pinterest.

The analyst said that Yahoo needs to sell their business as soon as possible with the “best buyers” being Comcast, Verizon and AT&T according to their analysis. He added that all of these companies already have a massive subscriber base on their Internet and TV services and two of these prospective buyers are the owners of US’ largest mobile services. He added that all of these companies have the potential to “absorb Yahoo” and this could also result in positive synergies between Yahoo and their existing businesses.

The analyst further mentioned that Yahoo has a host of solid assets right now and these could prove to be valuable to “strategic buyers.” He said that Yahoo has around 1 billion users right now that could help the new buyers push their content across Internet based platforms. But there are certain risks that are associated with Yahoo that need to be kept in mind by prospective buyers. He believes that Mayer took over Yahoo to make it bounce back from its declining position and because of this; she might not be willing to give up on the company easily.

There is also the matter of a suitable amount for the company. As of right now, it is very hazy as to what a buyer would be willing for pay for a business like Yahoo in its current position. However, AOL’s acquisition by Verizon was of a similar standard and that kind of set the floor at somewhere around the $4.5 billion mark but he thinks that Yahoo is worth more than that.

In the end, the analyst provided a Neutral rating for Yahoo stock along with a price target of $29.