Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has been working on a lot of new features and additions to its Xbox One, all in one entertainment system. The company has been looking to improve the Xbox One ever since the release of the console in 2013 and has so far been doing a great job in improving it.

A couple of hours ago, Microsoft revealed that it is working on Xbox universal apps, which are going to bring in some of the most useful apps from its Windows 10 Store to the Xbox One. While there were no details or release date mentioned at the time, it looks like the grand unveiling is going to happen later on this month.

According to a report by the Verge, Microsoft is going to reveal its Windows 10 universal apps for Xbox One at a build conference which is going to take place on March 30 in San Francisco. The report mentions that sources that are familiar with Microsoft plans have revealed to them that Microsoft is going to unveil and provide details of “a number of apps” and is also planning to invite developers to the new platform at the same conference.

The report also mentions that Microsoft is planning to expand its Xbox store to include Windows 10 applications as well and is going to invite developers to build apps for Xbox One under the new Universal Windows Platform. For those who do not know, the new platform is going to allow developers to make available a single version of their application to all of the devices in Microsoft’s ecosystem, including Windows 10 PCs, Xbox One, Smartphones, tablets and others.

Microsoft is looking to push forward its plans to bring the Xbox One under its Windows ecosystem. While these plans are going to be beneficial for Microsoft product users overall, with Xbox One users enjoying the vast variety of applications available on the Windows store, the plan also includes bringing the many Xbox One AAA exclusives to Windows 10 Store, essentially letting go of the exclusivity of the games to the Xbox One.

While some of you may have different opinions, we believe that this is going to hurt the Xbox One as a gaming console and that it is going to cost the Xbox One a lot of points in the ongoing console wars of the eighth generation.

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