Sony’s online game play service has just come out with a nice discount on the EU PlayStation store that is attracting players to re-subscribe to the online service for a whole year at a cool 25% discount. The online discount offer however is not available for players who are already subscribed to the service, instead only those who are looking to re-subscribe completely.

The offer itself is of course only available for a limited time and at this point is only rumored to be available at the EU PlayStation store and in Australia. The PlayStation Plus service is essential for players to connect online and enjoy the host of activities available, ranging from online game modes to getting exclusive deals in the future as well.

Sony’s attempts to offer the best value for money through its timely exclusives on both digital games and peripherals are going strong. Although the recent announcement for VR has been the cause of recent price hikes on both the PS Camera and PS Move Controllers.

Although this deal sounds good to a lot of gamers out there, the entire US market seems to be missing out on this exclusive offer. Still, offering valuable discounts on Sony’s mandatory online service is always a good thing as currently the competition is also well into finding ways to completely cut out the cost entirely. While a lot of fans out there are still waiting for their opportunity to save on yearly subscriptions, most have already signed up with this exclusive offer and are well into their game time. Head on now to grab yours too, if you already haven’t committed to a yearly sub as of yet.