Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) announced an enormous increase in data limits after facing an adverse reaction from a large number of its customers who objected to the increase in surcharge and caps being enforced.

Marcien Jenckes, the executive vice president of the consumer services revealed in his blog post about moving towards a plan change from 300 Gigabytes to 1000 gigabytes that would provide the customers with whopping high data limits that are not easier to reach, thus saving them from paying surcharges for excessive use. The cable giant believes that majority of its customers do not reach the terabytes threshold in a month and the change in plan would provide ‘peace of mind’ to the users resulting in feasibility to browse and download.

The organization faced a backlash from its consumers who have excessive usage of web browsing and had to pay additional charges apart from the plan. The company acknowledged customer feedback and replaced their existing data plan which is a whole terabyte comprising of 700 hours of HD video, 12,000 hours of gaming and 60,000 high resolution of downloading experience in a month. The move is expected to launch by June 1st in the trial markets.

Comcast further vows to provide a better customer experience and easy access to internet by learning from the feedback and reaction of its customers to its data plans. Also, the company aims to make certain changes in the future as well to enhance the internet usage experience.