For those who didn’t know, Ubisoft Red Storm is in charge of weaponizing The Division. The North Carolina-based studio is renowned for its team of weapons designers, working closely with the local military to bring arms into a game that don’t only look authentic but also feel and act realistically. Fans of the Tom Clancy franchise would be well aware of Red Storm’s work on games like Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon.

While we’ve yet to hear from the developer about a complete list of weapons featured in The Division, a data-miner on Reddit has gone ahead to extract a long list of names from the remaining files of the recently conducted open beta. There are a total of 58 weapons here, confirming the return of some classics that are almost always found in a shooting game.

Veterans would feel comfortable knowing The Division will feature the AK47. There’s also the conventional Carbine rifles, a handy Glock 30 or Magnum (for additional damage), M870 and other Modern Combat Shotguns for breaching purposes, PDW 8 for close quarter combat, and SCAR-H Mk 17 for times when it’s personal. Some weapons are available in more than one configuration. For example, there’s the option of arming yourself with a Double Barrel or a Sawed Off version.

The popular M16 auto-burst rifle and fully automatic P90 PDW were not present in the leaked files. This may mean that Ubisoft has decided to skip them in favor of others, or perhaps this list is not complete.

You can go through the complete list of 58 weapons here. Note that it’s likely the final version of the game will feature more weapons.

This past week’s open beta testing period featured only a small amount of firearms. Ubisoft has given players access to a limited amount of in-game content, which is understandable since it is a beta after all.

The Division is now looking forward to releasing on March 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The upcoming multiplayer third-person shooter, borrowing RPG elements, is already being compared to the likes of Bungie’s Destiny and its potential to go past even that success.