It is not known, however, whether his eldest son Maddox took part in the visit. Brad and Maddox were said to have had a “clash” during a private flight, which could have been the reason Angelina filed for divorce.


A source close to the family is reported to have said that Maddox, 15, is “mad at his dad and doesn’t want to see him now”.


Brad, who married Angelina in 2014, is believed to have had a monitored visit with his children which lasted around an hour-and-a-half.


Meanwhile, Angelina is said to have had a visit of an entirely different nature. FBI agents are said to have paid a visit to her home to speak with the actress, who met Brad on the set of their film Mr and Mrs Smith, and her children to find out exactly what happened during the alleged incident on their private plane.


The FBI has not revealed what the substance of those discussions were, but has confirmed that: “The FBI is continuing to gather facts and will evaluate whether an investigation at the federal level will be pursued.”


At first, Angelina is said to have filed for sole custody of their six children. But, the movie stars have now agreed on a temporary custody agreement which gives Angelina temporary sole custody of their children while Brad has visitation rights.


Under the agreement, both Angelina and Brad are believed to have consented to take part in individual counseling while Brad’s first visit with his children will have also involved a therapist.


Brad, meanwhile, is believed to have sought advice from his father-in-law Jon Voight over how to handle the situation. Even though Brad and Angelina are now estranged, he is believed to still have a close relationship with his father-in-law.


Brad is believed to have told Angelina’s father that what he loves about her is how passionate and extreme she is.


When Angelina filed for divorce, she ended two years of marriage, and 12 years together as a couple. The pair first met in 2004 when they filmed Mr and Mrs Smith together while Brad was still married to Friends actress Jennifer Aniston.

Both have said they did not get together on set, although Angelina later said that she fell in love with Brad during filming.