Kim Dorsett lost her adult children Kate Goodchild, 32, and Luke Dorsett, 35, in the awful accident which took place on the Thunder River Rapids ride, which is meant to be a family friendly attraction which even young children can ride on.

Mrs Dorsett said her 12-year-old granddaughter is traumatised and blaming herself for the death of her mother.

Talking in the aftermath of the accident, Mrs Dorsett said: “(The child) has had a truly terrible day, she is going through unimaginable pain at the moment.”

She spoke about the horrendous task of coming to terms with losing much of her family, as police officers investigating the fatal accident revealed that the entire tragedy had been caught on CCTV cameras installed at the park.

More than 30 investigators are now looking into just how the accident happened.

Gold Coast inspector Tod Reid confirmed that CCTV footage was available and it was being reviewed as part of the extensive investigation process.

Mr Dorsett’s partner RooziAraghi also died in the accident.

Mrs Dorsett explained that she had lost two of her three children on the ride. She added: “My whole family has been wiped out.”

Ms Goodchild leaves behind two daughters, aged eight months and 12 years.

Their grandmother said she was at a total loss as to how she could deal with such grief. She said: “I woke up this morning with three children and tomorrow I am only going to have one left.”

The family is from Canberra but was holidaying on the Gold Coast. In a terrible twist of fate, Mrs Dorsett revealed that they had been due to head home, but had decided to extend their stay by a few days so they could have a day at the theme park.

Along with those who lost their lives in the accident, which has shocked the world, children who were on the ride have been taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital.

The Queensland premier AnnastaciaPalaszczuk said: “Our focus at the moment is on the two young children that were on that ride,” she told Nine Network.We need to make sure that they are getting the care and the counselling that they need.”