It’s not too difficult at all to see why The Division has got everyone so hyped up. We got our first proper feel for Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world MMO Shooter when the first Closed Beta took place. It was from there when we realized what Ubisoft had in mind for The Division. From the look of it, any MMO game that features guns and a even a mild sense of character progression, finds itself being compared to Bungie’s Destiny. However, this couldn’t have been further from the truth when it came to The Division.

From the very get go, players are thrown in the center of Manhattan, after it has suffered from the largest viral outbreak in its history. The simple controls and straight-forward outlay of the game allowed players to instantly feel comfortable in battle. The object of the game became clear, it wasn’t you not getting hit that was important, it was you being able to inflict more damage from more positions than that of your enemy. The sort of combat mechanics involved in The Division are all geared towards surviving small changes in battle, rather than completely decimating any chances of it, constantly forcing players to think more carefully about positioning, ammunition reserves and skill use timing.

Further down the road, we learned how The Division incorporates yet another element of MMO games that has always struck a vital chord among fans – vanity items. The Division incorporates its very own set of clothing items that only change the way players look. Dropping slightly more rarely than regular items, vanity gear is one of the most sought after items in The Division. As players race to ultimately achieve the look they want for their characters, the streets of Dark Zones are crawling with loot hunters.

The Dark Zones in The Division alone are enough to support an individual release for a game. The content and gameplay packed into these zones forces players to completely alter their approach for combat and gearing. With the ever-looming element of player attacks in the Dark Zones, players are often found taking part in hunting groups or groups hunting other people. With a completely unique set of drops and mobs that you will encounter solely in those zones, The Divisions Dark Zones are set to play host to some of the deadliest MMO Shooter PvP tactics known to the gaming world.

While these features are merely what we have seen on the surface of The Division, they were definitely enough to have me sold. They were also the features that were most showcased in the Beta sessions conducted, giving everyone the chance to fully experience exactly what the game would be about.

During this time, we had the chance to experience the different kind of mechanics that players were adopting in order to succeed. Some of these tactics were the likes of which we have never seen before in games, that tells us that The Division will give birth to a completely different breed of gamers.