Ubisoft Entertainment SA’s (OTCMKTS:UBSFY) The Division has been immensely popular amongst all of the MMO RPG fans out there. Despite the bugs and glitches present (which has become a norm with every major game), players have been sinking their time into the game ever since release. Recently, there were reports of the “trained talent” perk which was used in the Dark Zone being too overpowered and a new patch was released to fix that. Turns out, that was not the only thing the patch changed for the Dark Zone.

According to reports coming in, the trained talent patch that took the game’s servers offline also ended up nerfing the drop rate for Phoenix Credits as well. Players have been reporting that the Dark Zone bosses which gave anything between 10 and 14 Phoenix Credits per kill now only drop between 2 and 4 Phoenix Credits per kill. This nerf was done rather silently and Ubisoft did not offer any sort of explanation for the decrease in drop rate. If we are to guess, it could be to slow down the players’ progress through the game as there were many reports of players farming for Phoenix Credits very fast and many of them now have High End gear on their characters. New players who have yet to enter the Dark Zone may not discover this nerf at all but nevertheless, the reaction to this patch has not quite been positive.

In related news, one of the users over at Reddit has taken up the time to mark all of the locations of the bosses found within the Dark Zone. The picture has distinct markings for bosses that are found above ground and for those who are found down in the subways as well. This can serve as a wonderful guide for many players who are still finding their way around the massive map of the game. With this many activities available, it is very likely that players get lost and these maps and guides often come in handy in such situations.