Fortune’s annual list of “100 Best Companies to Work For” was just published for the year 2016, and it features Riot Games for the second year in a row. The developer of the most popular game on the planet right now, League of Legends, took its place at No. 39 this year with pride. Posting on its official website, Riot Games exclaimed that being featured on Fortune’s list for the second time “means a lot to us.” At the same time, the company admitted that it still has a lot more work to do and will be making sure to improve on numerous bases with time and zeal.

As trivia, Google has been chosen as the best company to work for in Fortune’s yearly list for seven times in the past ten years.

However, Riot Games was not the only gaming company to be featured on the list. Call of Duty and World of Warcraft developer and publishing giant, Activision Blizzard also made the cut. It landed at No. 77, with CEO Bobby Kotick stating that the recognition meant confirmation of how comfortable employees felt at the company. He further added that Activision Blizzard envisions excellence by inspiring creativity and working together at the office with a highly talented and skilled batch of gifted people.

Readers should take note that both companies are currently hiring. That being said, it takes an incredible amount of tenacity, level of skill – and luck – to get accepted by any of those two firms. The life of a video game developer isn’t easy, but companies like Riot Games and Activision Blizzard make it look so. The in-house culture is molded to incubate assets, not workers.

Riot Games has already perfected an image of hiring the only best of the best. Its rate of acceptance is incredibly low, and the company has made it clear that it wants people who love to play games. How else can a gaming company get ideas to improve its own products if its employees are not playing every game out there?