While most of our console gaming friends are already knee deep in Far Cry Primal, taming animals, killing people with spears and attempting to survive giant mammoth attacks, the rest of the gaming community has taken to speculation. One of the more interesting topics up for speculation is the one about Far Cry Primal being a mere gap-filler between Far Cry 4 and the upcoming Far Cry 5. On the surface of it, it seems ludicrous to make such a statement, but upon closer inspection, the game reveals its darkest secrets.

The biggest one of these secrets is the fact that Far Cry Primal’s map is a complete rework of the same map utilized in Far Cry 4. Instead of the mountainous regions of Nepal, players instead get a lot of the same scenery but in a more pre-historic form. Of course, Ubisoft has gone through great efforts to re-create the world with respect to the requirements for Primal. The world has been painstakingly recreated by artists to reflect a more basic, natural feel for gamers – a feel that truly will make them feel like one of the first humans to ever explore those lands.

Now considering Ubisoft’s track record, it would not be at all unwise to forget that this sort of re-branding of maps has indeed taken place before in a Far Cry installment. In 2013, Ubisoft released Far Cry Blood Dragon, which was a standalone game that made use of the map featured originally in Far Cry 3. With an installment that is as robust as Far Cry, it is understandable when we come across such blatant ‘re-hashes’ of the same content. Of course that doesn’t say much as to whether it is the right thing to do or not.

As a gamer and a fan of the Far Cry franchise, how do you feel about this sort of release scheme? I mean, Ubisoft could have just as easily release both Blood Dragon and Primal as massive DLC’s for a fraction of the price, but instead went with this concept. As a fan of the series though, I find it hard to bring myself to complain about something that has brought countless entertainment to my gaming setup. Even though the maps are re-worked, the content provided and game play designed by the developers is completely different. I’d pay to get a fair chance at taking over Outposts without being in the prehistoric age!