Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is set to launch an iPhone in March for the first time, iPhone 5SE, and we could already have our first look at its display in mid-assembly. Unfortunately, new leaked images have confirmed previous reports about the exclusion of 3D Touch from the 4-inch iPhone.

When initial reports surfaced about the iPhone SE’s specs and rumored features, Apple’s 3D Touch display, which senses the pressure applied on the screen and responds accordingly, was one feature reported to remain exclusive to iPhone 6S and 6S Plus; launched in Fall of last year. Now, first impressions from the leaked images have apparently confirmed that the iPhone 5S price point replacement does not include the flagship feature.

Apart from indications about the lack of 3D Touch, not much can be gained from the leaked images. We know from several reports that the iPhone SE will reportedly feature the hardware of iPhone 6S, and its design and aesthetics will be much similar to the iPhone 5S. Now, if we collective study the rumors about the iPhone SE’s hardware and software, we can find some underlining, common features that everyone seems to talk about: A9 and M9 chipsets, 16GB and 64GB storage variants, and a 12MP camera.  This is opposed to a previously-reported 8MP lens, as well as support for Live Photos and Apple Pay thanks to an NFC chip.

March is set to be a busy month for Apple with the launch of the iPhone SE, and the company’s court date with the Federal Bureau of Investigation over the iPhone 5C encryption case belonging to the prime suspect of the San Bernardino shootings. This month will be a test of Apple’s resolve and its mental strength, as well as the ability to design and sell an iPhone smaller than its flagship proportions. It is imperative that the company keeps it together this month.