Starting today, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Messenger for Android will receive latest updates to the app, which would enable support for more than one account on a device, so that multiple users can have access to the service without having to logout and back in, time after time.

Instead, users can just sign in and then switch accounts as they please, in the case of one device being shared between several persons. This would enable everyone to keep their messages and chat archive private, without having to fret about logging in every time, as the app would now be able to switch between multiple accounts with ease.

Users sharing any particular device would not have access to each other’s messages; only notifications on each account would be visible under the Accounts tab in the app. When users first login on the updated version of the Android app, a password prompt would pop up when switching accounts, after which it is up to a particular user’s discretion if he wants to keep using a password when switching from one account to another or not.

You do not reach more than a billion downloads on the Play Store, or north of 800 million monthly active users without doing something right, and that is exactly what Messenger has achieved so far. The interface is slick and the operation of the app is smooth. It is probably the second-most popular messaging app currently, after another Facebook-owned messaging service, WhatsApp, which sits at the top of the pile. Rolling out support for multiple accounts on the app will only add to the app’s popularity among users, as Facebook hopes to develop its standalone Messenger project into a platform for much more, like swift B2B communication.

Facebook Messenger for Android should receive its latest update soon enough on your Android device. However, if you feel that this latest feature is what you have been waiting for, then head over to the Play Store now and check for pending updates.