Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) Windows Phone is not the company’s biggest focus this year, as announced in the Build Developer Conference being held in San Francisco, California

Terry Myerson, the company’s Windows Chief said at the keynote address that there will be time for the company to focus on the 4-inch smartphones, and it is not the biggest priority for the company at this moment in time.

Mr. Myerson also spoke to The Verge about the company’s prospects with the operating system, and went on to say that Windows Phone was not in the best of positions to take over the majority of the chunk in the smartphone market. He did, however, say that it is the best medium to reach users on Windows.

As sales numbers of the holiday period of last year, and the global Windows Phone market share which stands at a little more than 1 percent would testify, there is no reason why Microsoft would dedicate its energies towards a lost cause, a losing battle. Still, the announcement mentioned that further development in the sector was only being shelved for now, not discontinued permanently.

Industry experts have said that Microsoft has given Windows Phone the cold shoulder for a quite a bit of time. The delay in the launch of Lumia 950 and 950XL, as well as the hollowed release of Windows 10 on older devices are further proof that the company has indeed resisted putting any eggs in the OS’s basket. Finally, Myerson also said that they’re going to keep working on some cool things for phones, which offers small comfort for fans of the Windows Phone franchise.

Microsoft might not be putting a lid on it for the final time, but the skeptics are out on Myerson’s claim that the idea is not completely dead. You’d be hard pressed to find a reason for Microsoft to keep going in the direction of Windows Phone, but as Mr. Myerson has said, all is not yet lost if you are one of the enthusiasts.