The upcoming indie game, No Man’s Sky, finally has a release date now. The deve loper has announced that the game will finally launch on June 21 for PlayStation 4 and PC. No Man’s Sky has been carrying a lot of hype ever since it was unveiled to the world. The game features a map so massive that it would be an understatement if we define it by the word “huge”.

The game has a procedurally generated galaxy that consists of millions of planets for you to discover. There is an endless amount of gameplay that can be derived from the game. The idea of exploring uncharted worlds and sharing your discovery with the world is what makes No Man’s Sky unique.

Previously, the game was scheduled for a digital release only. But the studio has announced that partnering with Sony has allowed them to release a physical version of the game that will be available at retailers on the said release date. Check out the official box-art below:

The game has been priced at $60, which some have felt is odd, given the game is an indie title to begin with. But given the amount of hours the game is set to provide, the price-tag seems justifiable.

The game will receive two special editions. The Limited Edition which includes a steelbook, a 48-page art book, an exclusive comic, and a Starter Kit that contains in-game items; all to be available at $80 for both platforms. The PlayStation 4 version will also include a dynamic theme.

The more expensive “Explorer’s Edition” will be available exclusively for PC and features a hand-painted metal replica of a spaceship from the game and will have customizable features. This premium edition will be available at $150 and only 10,000 units of this edition will be manufactured. If you’re tempted, it is best to click on the preorder button as soon as possible.

You can check out the game’s launch trailer below: