In the aftermath of newly launched games finding AMD to be an unreliable name to work with, we’ve elevated from that to games being botched on both AMD and NVIDIA’s fronts. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition released last week on PC to a brutal reception. The Coalition was put in a critical spot as it had already boasted about how stable the PC version would be and the features it would have from day-one.

Posting on Twitter over the weekend, the studio’s Rod Fergusson revealed that the team is currently working on multiple GPU support, a feature that should have been active and stable since the time of release. Nonetheless, The Coalition is probably  looking to add the support with the game’s next update; a major patch that will not only add new features but also correct numerous ongoing issues.

Furthermore, Fergusson added that the studio is also working on unlocking the game’s frame rate. Currently, uncapping the frame rate only has the game utilizing the maximum number of frames allowed by the monitor. The developer is now looking at amending this, as well as looking into other possibilities of raising the frame rate metric.

Previously, The Coalition had promised the support for a number of key features on PC, including 4K Support. However, the launch made it quite clear that the game couldn’t run right even with the high-end cards currently available in the market. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is treating AMD cards like the plague, and breaks down when trying to run G-Sync with NVIDIA.

The Coalition needs to first make sure the game is working correctly with both the red and green teams before looking towards any other feature. It’s unsure how long this will take the developer, though Fergusson has promised full focus on the issue. Until the game is fixed, it would be better to just opt for the Xbox One version, and not jump into the DirectX 12 hype.