Electronic Arts’ Star Wars Battlefront has been enjoying a lot of success since its launch and has shipped more than 13 million copies worldwide, according to the publisher. Now, it’s about to get even better with new post-launch content.

The new downloadable-content drop for March titled “Outer Rim” has received its first details. In a post on official Star Wars website, the Outer Rim DLC confirms there will be three locations present, which will quickly be recognized by fans who have come to love everything about the Star Wars universe. The first is a smelting factory on Sullust, the second a sail barge garage on Tatooine, and finally, you will be able to intrude Jabba the Hutt’s throne room.

The DLC will also introduce more Heroes to the game. You can now play as Greedo or Nien Nunb. It will be interesting to pit Greedo against Han Solo in the battlefield. We might finally get to know who shot first.

A new mode called “Extraction” will have you stealing a valuable shipment. Fighting as an Imperial, your job will be to stop the Rebel forces from fleeing with the shipment and you will have a new range of arsenal at your disposal. The DLC will expand your weapon load out by introducing Relby V-10 rifle and DT-12 blaster pistol. Other equipment includes the Scatter Gun, a new grenade called Dioxis Grenade, plus Adrenaline Stim Star cards for more perks.

This is just the start of a DLC program that stretches throughout the year and even in 2017; no release date has been announced for Outer Rim DLC. This is the first paid content for the game and season pass owners will have complete access to it. There are more expansions on the way, perhaps you should look towards investing in the season pass for value benefits.