XCOM 2 has proven itself to be a marvellous sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The new installment borrows everything that ran right with the first game; adding more features on top of that, with several improvements introduced by the developer based on player-feedback.

However, unlike the first game, XCOM 2 has been suffering from performance issues. The game was released earlier in the month, giving players just a week before they started landing on the game’s official forums with dismal expressions and performance complaints.

Last week, publisher 2K Games acknowledged the problem, stating that Firaxis Games is currently “gathering more information” from players and getting to the root of the issue. Today, the game’s Lead Designer Jake Solomon has passed a statement that the studio is “working very furiously” to diminish all performance affecting issues from XCOM 2.

Solomon further added that the performance-related issues are not widespread and are only affecting a few players. Since the problem is not “across the board,” it becomes a bit difficult to verify the cause. He also said that XCOM 2 displayed no such problems before it was being shipped out. That being said, the developer is getting close to a fix, and will rectify the situation soon.

Solomon finally exclaimed that the studio is “fully accountable” for the game they release to the public. Hence, we’re expecting Firaxis Games to hand out some freebies once the situation has been resolved.

Currently, a small part of the XCOM 2 community is facing severe frame-rate problems. Even on high-end systems, the turn-based tactical game is dropping in frames and at times stuttering like mad. Additionally, there are other issues reported by players, one of which involves a brutal long camera pause after events.

Firaxis Games has not provided a release date for the new update which will contain fixes to the performance issues. However, Solomon has asked everyone to be a bit more patient; assuring that the fixes will be “coming soon.”

If XCOM: Enemy Unknown has taught us anything, it’s that Firaxis knows how to please the PC community. It offered tremendous support with the first game, and such a small mishap with the sequel does not necessarily require us to scratch at the studio’s long list of accolades. You can trust the studio to amend the game’s current issues.

XCOM 2 was released on February 5 and is currently available on PC. The developer has expressed interest in a console version, but has yet to officially unveil any details regarding that.