Oculus has given users another reason to consider investing in its VR gear, which will come equipped with several video and social features.

The Oculus-powered Samsung VR gear was initially criticized for not being cost effective. Additionally, not all systems were able to support it, which made it less viable for those who were perhaps even considering to getting their hands on one of its VR devices. But then again, the device has not entirely been a disappointment, and has managed to bring something new and innovative to the table, and now that it finally comes with social features, there is no reason why anyone would not give it a try.

Basically, the new feature integrated into Oculus’ VR gear gives users the ability to not only create their own profile, but they can add friends as well. Additionally, users will also be able to rank apps on the Oculus Store.

The feature is quite expansive to say the least, as users will also be able to compete or team up with their friends for multiplayer games, just like they normally would on the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live.

Considering the fact that Facebook is pulling all the strings, it does not come as a surprise that Oculus also gives users the ability to connect their 360 video feed with their Facebook account. Moreover, said users will also be able to like, share and comment on 360 videos using their VR headset.

That being said, Oculus played it smart and managed to provide a much needed experience to keep its VR gear relevant, as there were plenty who claimed it had very limited uses. As long as Oculus manages to provide new features, there is no reason why its VR gear will not be a success in the long run.