Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has started powering homes globally with its state-of-the art energy-storage battery, Powerwall. After Australia, South Africa, the UK and US, the ground-breaking technology has finally reached German households.

PV Magazine reported that German installer, Praml, installed Powerwall 6.4 kilowatt-hours (kWh) systems in two households in Germany. The company’s two installers took five hours to install the two Powerwalls in Bavarian towns, Markt Schwaben and Sonnen.

Although the Powerwall batteries have an appealing design, they were set up in a garage because of the sound created by their cooling systems. Additionally, the batteries have to be installed where temperature levels do not fall below -20C. The installations have gained interest, as they mark Tesla Energy’s arrival in Germany’s fast-growing battery industry. Inverters of Solaredge Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:SEDG), Tesla Energy’s partner, are also installed along with the Powerwall. Praml Managing Director, Martin Praml, has reportedly said that the installation company had already sold over 300 storage systems in the country.

According to Electrek, a German solar-energy supplier, Memodo, confirmed that it had gotten a massive shipment of Tesla’s home battery systems earlier this year, which it plans to install soon. Daniel Schmitt, Chief Executive at Memodo, claimed that his company was the first official distributor to obtain the Powerwall batteries in the country. He also shared a picture which showed a batch of roughly 25 Powerwall systems

Since Memodo was confirmed as the official distribution partner of Tesla Energy, the supplier has been increasingly receiving preorders, which reflects the overwhelming demand for the product in the country. According to Mr. Schmitt, no similar product has produced such demand in recent years. The energy-startup is currently installing 7 kWh variants, while the 10 kWh version will hit German homes later in 2016.

Since the demand for renewable energy is high in Germany, it is considered an important market for Tesla Energy. However, it may face a tough time with the established local battery-maker, Sonnenbatterie, which has also started offering its products in the US.

In Tesla’s recent quarterly release, the management said that the batteries inbound sales leads were rapidly surpassing car sales leads in Germany and Australia. Last year, German officials said that CEO Elon Musk was seeking financial support from the government to open Gigafactory II.