It goes without saying Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) has done a really good job with Instant Articles, but the platform is not simple for publishers. However, in order to encourage said publishers to make use of the platform, the social media giant is making Instant Articles flexible and easy to monetize through video ads.

As of now, click to play and animated ads are already supported by Instant Articles, but auto-play video ads will be released in the weeks to come.

For now, publishers can already display and sell ads on their own. But with the introduction of video ads, Facebook is hoping it will bring publishers to its new platform all the while increasing its own revenue at the same time. It will, without a doubt, prove to be an effective revenue stream, especially when Instant Articles is made available to all publishers in May.

All in all, Facebook is playing it smart and will in the long run benefit from the move. However, it will take some time for publishers to switch to the new platform, but they will do so for certain, seeing the social media site’s reach.