California is already the state with the highest charging facilities across the US and Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) aims to further strengthen its Supercharger network at home. Considering how rapidly Model S and Model X EVs are increasing on the Californian roads, more such charging facilities are required to ease long journeys for drivers.

With intentions to attract visitors, the County of Tuolumne has been considering to lease a parking space in downtown Groove, at the intersection of Ponderosa Lane and Main Street, for EV charging stations, MyMotherLode reported. In January, the county’s Board of Supervisors voted in favor of proposals from corporations which intend to setup such facilities.

The supervisors obtained responses from three potential companies through emails; however, only Tesla submitted a bid or constructing a Supercharger location, which would cost the automaker roughly $160,000. The charging station would include eight charging points but four points would be used until demand increases. The contract, which can be extended twice, would last for five years.

According to documents, three public organizations, which were enthusiastic over Tesla’s professionalism, referred the EV maker to the county. One reference was related to a Supercharger in Texan city, Shamrock, where 2,000 people live and three-to-four customers visit the station every day. The board will decide shortly whether to allow the company to install the charging station.

The Supercharger will be the county’s first Supercharger in Groveland, where a Destination charging station is located at the Groveland Hotel. Nearby supercharging stations from Groveland Supercharger will be: Manteca Supercharger (66 miles towards west), Fresno Supercharger (105 miles towards south), Mammoth Lake Supercharger (119 miles towards east), and Gardnerville Supercharger (171 to the north), according to Google Maps.

The county would be hoping to attract tourists in EVs traveling to/from Yosemite National Park to dine and shop while their cars would be recharged. According to Lisa Mayo, Visitor Bureau Executive Director in Tuolumne, promoting tourism through EVs has become a norm in the US.

According to Tesla’s website, it has 27 stores, 18 service centers, 41 Superchargers, and 324 Destination Charging locations across California.