Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows 10, as a platform for gaming, has been at the center of many debates recently. The platform is being pushed by Microsoft as the next big thing and has been promoting many of its games, including several titles, that were previously on its Xbox One as being the first ones to be released on Windows 10 store. However, there have been a lot of concerns with the new platform, as there have been a lot of reported problems in Windows 10’s PC gaming features.

However, it looks like Microsoft is already working on these problems as Xbox’s Mike Ybarra recently clarified the company’s position on Twitter.

In a series of Twitter exchanges, Mike Ybarra said that the concerns that have been raised by the community on the matter of Windows 10 gaming have been taken into account by Microsoft and that they are actively working on to resolve these problems.

When one of the fans questioned about the lack of SLI/Crossfire support on Windows 10 gaming platform, Mr. Ybarra said that the Windows 10 gaming framework already has support for SLI/Crossfire and that developers need to implement support for SLI/Crossfire for Windows 10 into their games in order for it to work properly and as expected. He also added that the one genuine problem at hand is the infamous Vsync issue that has been widely reported and that they are actively working to “fix it”.

While the problems are very basic ones and are not a major problem on well-established platforms like Valve’s Steam, it is worth noting that Windows 10 Gaming features are still very early in their lifecycle and will take time to reach the industry standard. However, Microsoft is doing a commendable job on making Windows 10 one of the major gaming platforms this generation. When will they fix these problems? That we do not know, but if we consider the fact that Quantum Break is nearing release along with many other big titles (which are expected to be the key drivers for Windows 10 gaming), we expect that these fixes should be available very soon.

Our guess is that new fixes and other details are going to be revealed at the next month’s Game Developer Conference, where the company has planned two different segments related to gaming on Windows 10. As always, stay tuned for more right here and let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.