Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Outlook has released support for Touch ID on the iOS version of its app, which will now help users in making a protective wall around their inbox with an added layer of security through Touch ID.

Users will be allowed to secure their inbox and other folders with personal and confidential information and details with their Touch ID, so that even if someone gets a hold of their iOS device, their email folders should remain under protection.

Protecting a particular app or a feature of an app is a concept which is so far quite alien to iOS users, but Outlook has taken the initiative to put especially those users at ease that tend to hand their unlocked devices to their friends and family, keeping in mind that their privacy and confidentiality should remain intact.

While Android users regularly protect as many apps as they with with personalized app protection services, this is certainly a first for iOS users. Even if a user feels that the feature will not be used much on their device, it is comfortable to think that they are protected in an odd moment of vulnerability.

On Outlook 2.2.2, the latest version of the email client from Microsoft on iOS, users can enable Touch ID verification by tapping on Settings and enabling the “Require Touch ID” toggle. Some of the other features included in Outlook with the latest update, are adding events in a mini-Calendar for three days by simply tapping and holding a time slot, and the ability to view the display photos of event attendees.