An era of ultra-nationalism has emerged from the ruins of the failing neo-liberal system that the country has been succumbed to in the last century, promising an unprecedented polarization of the nation since the Vietnam War in the 70s.

The ascendance to power of the Trump administration has marked the resurrection of political movements, thought for long to be buried underground and labeled as taboo or unethical ideologies.

The far-right has morphed in the recent decade under the Obama agency to give birth to radicalism, previously unfamiliar to the current generation of Americans.

“Patriot Day”

Trump supporters, calling it “Patriot Day”, organized in Berkeley California a rally that will hold speeches and words of a group labeled as “alt-right”. Their campaign features an extreme “patriotic” status which they propagate on social media, advocating a mixture of xenophobia, anti-Semitism, misogyny and racism in most of its forms.

The demonstration taking place at Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, saw the hate speech materialize into violent confrontations with the security forces and opposing demonstrators that came to show discontent.

The erupted violence resulted in the arrest of 20 individuals that have clashed with police officers in riot gears.

History repeats

A counter-movement assembled at the same time in the same location to rebuke the radical initiative, heating the atmosphere and resulting in severe verbal and physical confrontations.

Though , authorities had prior to the event announced the banning of any lethal weapon like baseball bats, sticks, flagpoles; Officers were forced to intervene to confiscate a number of sticks, knives, flagpoles, helmets and sticks with signs on them.

The location was witness to a similar development, a month ago on the 4th of March, as the same movements had gathered to express their political will, provoking a similar outcome with 10 people arrested at that time.