Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has been striving to rapidly establish a robust electric vehicle (EV) charging network across the world, burning millions of dollars to provide a worriless driving experience to its vehicle owners and attract more customers. While the company is working on its charging stations, called Superchargers, third parties are also adding Tesla charging adapters for personal interests.

A Dutch EV infrastructure maker, Fastned, announced Wednesday that it will add adaptors for Tesla Model S and Model X at all of its 50 charging locations in the Netherlands by the end of March, 2016. Since there are not many Supercharger stations in the country, the company aims to provide Tesla owners fast recharging service.

Fastned quotes the Dutch Club for Electric Drivers (VER) Board Member and a Tesla owner, Vincent Everts, in the press release: “This is a great initiative by Fastned, which shows impressive growth with its current 50 fast charging stations. With this CHAdeMO adaptor I can now recharge everywhere in The Netherlands up to 250 km/uur. When your battery is low you know that there will always be a station closeby.”

According to Tesla’s website, it currently has just seven Superchargers in the region. Nevertheless, with installation of Tesla adapters in the 50 charging stations, Model S owners do not require detours to recharger their sedans. It would save customers time and energy.

The charging-station maker reported that there are roughly 5,000 Model S on the Dutch roads. The car manufacturer has eight stores and six service centers in the Netherlands. The Tesla cars will continue growing, given that the automakers expects to sell 16,000 cars in this quarter and 80,000-90,000 cars in 2016.

Fastned is constructing a network of fast-charging stations at high traffic sites across the Europe and it currently operates 50 charging stations in the Netherlands. The company claims to charge EVS within 20 minutes, compared to 170 mile range per 30 minutes provided by Superchargers. Fastned Co-Founder and CEO, Michiel Langezaal said, “We are the Shell of the future, only our energy comes from the sun and the wind.”

In September 2015, Tesla expanded the production capacity of its European plant, an 11-acre facility in Tilburg, Netherlands, from 200 to 450 units per week to reduce delivery times for customers and improve quality.