A new rumor has popped up that suggests another hit series is soon going to make an appearance on the current-generation of consoles: The Brazil Advisory rating board has listed the BioShock trilogy in its database.

The listing reveals that all three games will be coming for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. You can view the listing herebefore it is removed.

This is certainly delightful news as the series is hailed as one of the gems of the previous generation.

The video-game industry has been seeing a lot of re-releases lately. A practice that has become widely successful and continues to motivate publishers to bring old games to the new generation. The move not only allows gamers to replay their favorite games with enhanced graphics, and often updated content, but it also allows an opportunity to those who missed out on the experience. While the move is not accepted among those who consider it to be a cash grab technique, it has done well enough to see a healthy number of games get ported to current-generation.

If any series deserves the remaster treatment, it’s BioShock. Bundling all three games together will make for a great proposition.

Rumors of a BioShock port are not new. While we have no official confirmation or even a hint of its existence from the publisher, we can take this listing as a strong indication. Brazil Advisory Rating Board also leaked the existence of PC version of Quantum Break, which was officially confirmed earlier this month. So perhaps it will tuout to be true once again.