Noah Inman died Saturday afternoon after being hit by a falling bullet in Hammond, Chicago

13-year-old Noah Inman was playing basket with his friends around 9:30 PM on July 1st in the 7300 block of Harrison Avenue when he suddenly fell to the ground.

Witnesses believed Inman was having a seizure, and called an ambulance, where he was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital and staff discovered he had been hit by a bullet.

Police stated that the bullet was likely fired randomly into the air by someone within the community.

Mayor Tom McDermott Jr referred to the incident as “a ridiculous fluke”, and went on to say: “I don’t know what [individuals who discharge firearms into the air] think happens – the bullet disappears into thin air?”

“The bullet could’ve come from Munster, Cal City, East Chicago, really anywhere close by. It’s like getting struck by lightning – so senseless. It’s a horrible tragedy, and I hope the people who could’ve done this come forward.”

Noah was known as a “dream kid” to coach and baseball enthusiast

Noah was on the Highland Babe Ruth All-Star team, and paid tribute to their fallen teammate by embroidering their caps with Inman’s jersey number (12), and chanting “1-2-3 NOAH!” before going on the field.

Juan Maldonado, coach of the team, said of Noah: “He hustled in everything he did. If you told him to catch on a 1oo-degree day, he would catch the whole game. If you had to bench him because there were too many kids, he would sit without complaining.”

“There are always a few kids who’re tough to coach, but Noah was one of the perfect kids.”

President of the Highland Babe Ruth League Dan Vassar stated the league would talk with Noah’s parents as to how to celebrate and remember Noah’s life.

”As a parent, you think about your kids being over at so-and-so’s house, and that they’re safe. Noah had his whole life in front of him, and we’re heartbroken and devastated for his parents.” Vassar said.