Microsoft has been pushing gaming on Windows 10 ever since the arrival of the new operating system. The software giant has affirmed its stance on PC gaming and has completely committed itself to bringing more experiences to the platform.

If you have been keeping up with news, Microsoft has been bringing Xbox One exclusives on to the PC. From Quantum Break to Forza Motorsport, all major first-party exclusives that were the highlight of Xbox One are now gracing the Windows-based platform. This is to push its latest Windows operating system and give Windows Store a position in the space dominated by Steam, as seen with the Quantum Break and Forza Motorsport 6 Apex’s Windows 10 and Windows Store exclusivity.

Microsoft is not going to stop there. You can expect all major Xbox exclusives to eventually make their way to PC. One such candidate is Gears of War 4. While there have been no official announcements, strong rumors dictate that it’s inevitable. If you are not aware then Gamespot mentioned Gears of War 4 as one of the upcoming Windows 10 titles in one of its articles. It was later edited, and an apology from the author was followed. Now, IGN recently made the same blunder before editing it out of its article. This caused strong speculations from gamers.

What perhaps is the strongest evidence that a Gears of War 4 PC announcement is imminent is the fact that Microsoft let the cat out of the bag itself. In an interview with a French website Gameblog (and translated by WCCFTech), the Head of Marketing at Xbox, Aaron Greenberg, made a similar statement and cited Gears of War 4 as one of the upcoming first-party exclusives for Windows 10.

If Forza Motorsport can come to PC, then anything can. The Gears of War series debuted on PC back in 2009, and while the sequels never came to PC, this one surely can. Since the game is not connected to previous installments, it makes it the right time to reintroduce the series to PC gamers. It can also serve as the visual benchmark to showcase DirectX 12’s capabilities.

At this point, the game is just an announcement away from being written in stone. It is the most logical game to bring to Windows 10. It would honestly be surprising to see this not happen.